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How to subscribe to a podcast

Podcast feeds use RSS (‘Real Simple Syndication’). The beauty of RSS is that once you have subscribed using a ‘feed reader’, you automatically get future episodes of a podcast.

There are many options as far as feed readers are concerned. Some of these are on-line services such as those available from Google and Yahoo. Others are software programs such as iTunes.

An excellent free program is called ‘Juice.’ Juice may be downloaded at You can use Juice to subscribe to a podcast feed and then adjust the settings so that every time you open the program it checks to see whether any more episodes have been added to the feed to which you subscribed. The program is easy to use, attractive and free!

If you would like to install the software, follow the instructions and then ‘subscribe’ to our podcast as follows:

Once you have installed Juice you will see the following screen.

Juice screen 1

Click on the green ‘cross’ symbol. When prompted enter our RSS feed:<name of feed>, as follows:

Juice screen 2

Press save and press the refresh symbol

Podcast Juice

Click on the ‘downloads’ tag and you should see our ‘First time buyer issues’ podcast. Right click on the podcast and select ‘play episode in media player.’

Juice screen 4