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Is it me or is there something terribly wrong with the Sprint ads? I know they are designed for the lowest common denominator, but surely there must a fewer idiots in the world that Sprint imagines?

The basic premise of all the ads is that the customers are so amazed and blown over by the Sprint offer that they have to use the in-store singer or rental family to express how amazed they are at the incredible offer. To me this is like telling the viewer: “Hey, you are too stupid to see what a great offer we are making to you, so we are going to spell it out really, really slowwwwwwly,” or perhaps, “Hey dopey viewer, we don’t have a very good offer at all but when we show you a few fake customers supposedly getting excited by our offer, you will behave similarly.”

I suppose on the upside I have great recall for these silly and annoying ads – on the downside this recall will remind me to never to do business with Sprint for their marginal, me-too offers.