Graphic design

Are you letting your customers know what work you do best and how you can make their business more successful? Effective marketing establishes and promotes your brand. Your web site and marketing materials should, powerfully, demonstrate why they should do business with you.

Graphic design and corporate identity

Whether you are looking for a new logo, corporate identity, a new brochure or stationery, having a unique and professional design for your business is vitally important. As businesses become more competitive the ability to ‘stand out from the crowd’ is not an option.

Billy Fire LLC is a Poway graphics design firm operating through San Diego County, which provides strategic, hand crafted designs that fit your business and help differentiate it.

In this electronic age, printed marketing materials can help get your business noticed–and they need not be expensive. We specialize in the design and copy-writing of materials that are attractive AND get your message across. We can help you define and refine what that message should be in the first place. Choosing a designer is a bit like choosing a tailor or hairdresser – it is important to pick one that you are comfortable with and one who understands you and your sense of style. Take a look at a few examples of recent projects.

Some of our projects include:

Business cards

If you are a lawyer, doctor or accountant you may wish to stay with a traditional business card. For everyone else, one of our 4-color business cards is a great way of ensuring that your business card stands out from the pack.

Click on the following cropped images to see larger images.

Billyfire Circular Business

JCLTC Business Card


Mosher Healthbusiness Card

PacificCoast BusinessCardEx

Adventure Klub Business Car


Michaeljenkins Buscard Back

Michaeljenkins Buscard


Junior Golf World 3col Gallery

Markplex 3col Gallery

Pacific Coast Golf Schools 3col Gallery

RayonFrance 3col Gallery

BillyFire 3col Gallery

Mosher2 3 Col Template

Mosher 3col Gallery

Michael Jenkins 3 Col Template

Lifestyles In Focus 3 Col Template

Letterfold brochures

“Letterfold” or “tri-fold” brochures are a relatively inexpensive way to get 4-color brochures.

We provide clean, unfussy design that follows your corporate identity and supports your message rather than obscuring it. Our design is fully integrated with any dynamic Web work that we undertake. This means that you can collect information from your visitors (e.g. e-mail address, phone number etc.) and store it in a database.

We can help you analyze what it is that makes your organization truly different from your competition. We will use clear, concise prose, satisfying graphics and a physical format that will catch the eye of the visitor.

Our graphic design process

  1. Depending on the sort of work that you wish us to complete,we ask you to let us know of work (e.g. adverts, logos, brochures, stationery that you particularly like. This helps us understand the sort of ‘look and feel’ that you are looking for.
  2. You send us any existing pictures, graphics and text that we may use in the project.
  3. We create several design concepts (the number of concepts depends on your contract with Billy Fire).
  4. You decide which concept you would like to go for. We make minor tweaks and convert the concept into artwork suitable for a printer.
  5. To contact Billy Fire LLC’s Poway office, please e-mail