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Screen Recorder Gold

I have been thinking that it might be fun to create some video tutorials of various aspects of this business. This practice seems to have become even more popular with the advent of YouTube.

I was aware of some software packages available, such as Camtasia, but Camtasia is expensive and probably has an overkill of features compared to what I was looking for. I noticed that Adobe has an offering (Adobe® Captivate® 3). It looks really nice and feature filled, but at a fiendishly high price. So I looked for an inexpensive alternative solution.

Overall I downloaded about 5 packages, all of which had free tryouts available, but also were very reasonably priced. The first 3 that I downloaded did not record sound through my microphone (I have a USB microphone and headset which may cause issues for some packages) . Finally I found Screen Recorder Gold.

The software installed easily and worked first time – video and audio. Audio and video quality seem excellent. You can choose the capture area and you have the option to add mouse and keyboard sound effects. I am not sure about sound synchronization, but I don’t think this is too critical as there will not be any lip-sync in my videos. Also the ability to add captions seems to be somewhat limited, but my intention is to create basic video with an audio commentary. If I get more sophisticated I will have to save up for Camtasia.