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Removing blank lines from OpenOffice labels

Its nearly Christmas and last night I created my Christmas card address labels, a task I do not overly like.

I am a big fan of OpenOffice, it does everything that I need, everything that MS Office does that is of any importance and sometimes more, for example you have a huge amount of flexibility in which file types it can open and edit. You can also create PDFs directly from OpenOffice.

One thing that I don’t think is overly easy is creating address labels – especially ones that do not include blank lines (if a field in a database is empty, as is often the case with my Christmas card list)

Anyway after a lot of effort last night I managed to create the labels I wanted, without the empty lines (and without showing the country: USA on the cards destined for the USA).

I have created a tutorial at: Creating mailing labels using OpenOffice – remove blank lines.