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Quickbooks 2006 to stop sending email after May 31, 2006

I think Quickbooks is a great program. I use Quickbooks 2006 and I have resisted upgrading to a later version because it does all I need, fairly well.

One of the features I do not like is the email invoice function. Instead of being able to send an emailed invoice directly, you have to send it via a Quickbooks server. But there is no real need for it. If you connect to the Internet using an ISP then invoice emails could be sent in exactly the same way as any other email.

The real reason for this feature, of course, is that at some point Quickbooks will cease to support it and strong-arm all their loyal users to buy a new version of the software they don’t need. This is a fact of life/commercial reality, but why do Quickbooks have to come up with nonsense that I saw when I sent an emailed invoice today.

A message appeared that said something to the effect that the great, magnanimous Intuit (Quickbook’s publisher) needed to make the change to best support the maximum number of users on their new version.

Come on guys, you could have come up with a better excuse than that, or maybe, you could have been honest.