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Pictures of Canon HG10

Images of Canon HG10 Camcorder

The following are several images showing some of the main parts of the camera. Excuse the dust.

Top view of Canon HG10

Canon HG10 cables and remote control

The camera comes with several cables, notably a sound cable, a component out cable and a USB cable (not shown). The component out cable only transfers video data and hence needs to be used with the sound cable. An HDMI cable was not included with my camera.

Canon HG10 rear controls

These are the main controls for the camera. The top button turns the camera on and off and can change mode. Notice the little gray button at the top. This must be depressed before the button can be turned. The silver oval button starts and stops video capture. The small switch changes between video and still mode.

Back of HG10 camera

This larger view shows the battery. The charger input terminal is just to the right of the battery.

Filters for HG10

My dad always advised me to get a filter on any new camera lens to protect the lens (as well as providing desirable optical effects.) I bought a set of 3 43mm filters: UV, polarizing and skylight.

Front of camera with filter in place

I have attached a UV filter to the lens.

Top of camera with hot show cover in place

The top of the HG10.

Hot show cover removed from top Canon HG10

The top of the hg10 with its plastic cover removed. This show can be used for attaching a microphone.

Mic input at front of HG10 HD HDD video camera

The microphone input is cunningly concealed behind another plastic cover that has a small rubber hinge. I imagine that this cover is primarily for aesthetic reasons, but it also protects the terminal.

It seems that many camcorder manufacturers have a real blind spot regarding microphone inputs. I guess their studies show that most undiscerning camcorder users don’t really see this as a priority. The fact is, when you compare the two, you can really tell the difference between camera recorded sound and separate microphone recorded sound.

Canon HG10 with monitor cover closed

Top of HG10 with screen closed.

Sockets on right hand side of the camera

Output terminals (HDMI Out, Component Out, and Audio out) with plastic cover pulled back.

USB port beneath fold out screen

USB terminal. When transferring video to the computer this must be connected, as well as the power cable.