Options for a great Web site

Are you letting your customers know what work you do best and how you can make their business more successful? Effective marketing establishes and promotes your brand. Your web site and marketing materials should, powerfully, demonstrate why they should do business with you.

A hundred years ago in London or New York it was essential to wear a hat and it had to be the most appropriate hat for the occasion. The hat would say so much about the person. This article will use a variety of hats to teach you something about different Web sites. In the same way that there are still many hat options, at least beyond California, there are many Web options. Just as an old hat can be upgraded, a Web site can be altered or replaced by something classier. Just because a company has a web site does not mean that it is functionally effective or Search Engine Friendly.

The first hat that I will discuss is possibly uniquely British. It fits in well with the climate and is certainly economical. Until recently most older men always had a cotton handkerchief in their pockets. On a visit to the beach, sunshine could not be assumed so few would own a sun hat. On the rare occasion that warm sun threatened the pale white scalp the solution was to tie knots in the corners and create a quick, functional hat which would at least protect the bald spot.. The web equivalent is the small company that has not got a web site and wants one that is utilitarian, easily assembled and economical. We offer a CMS(Content Management System)With this option you have:

  • a choice of templates
  • the facility to  enter, format and edit text and images
  • an interactive form for visitors to input their details.

The second hat in the web fashion parade is the cap sporting the logo. This is a typically American look and requires little introduction. Certainly the company colors and branding should be a characteristic of the company that has got its act together. Often this level of company started with a quick functional web site designed by the owner’s student cousin. It was cheap but the cousin eloped abroad and now it is time to seek a professional company to ensure that the design is fully representative of the company. Billy Fire is well suited to custom design a web site for this growing company.

  • custom designed site
  • the design will perfectly match corporate identity-we can develop this if it is not already in place.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)-good for Search Engines and changes can be made quickly.
  • managed web hosting. Basic plan costs $59.00 and includes 2 hours of Billy Fire’s time to make changes e.g new text, images, corrections or images.

The third hat represents the business that is successful, has a reasonable marketing budget and wants to make full use of its web site to attract new customers and remain relevant to existing ones. At this level, a company can be
penalized by its failure to present the right image or rather, wear the right hat. It would be like the bride, at her own wedding, wearing a baseball cap. A bank or legal firm, for example, needs to have a functionally excellent and professionally crafted site, to perpetuate its  reputation of reliability and  consistently high standards. Billy Fire is well able to create high class sites. Depending on the company these may include:

  • A number of different design concepts to choose from.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Adwords
  • Weblog
  • complex interactive forms
  • video
  • 10 hours or more update hours to add articles, promotions, testimonials etc. Billy Fire can do the copywriting
  • Advise on other aspects of marketing.

I have one final hat analogy to add. A sash, ribbon or a flower can be added to most hats. E.mail marketing can and should be used by all level of companies. It is good value and has a high response rate as most people are in the habit of reading their email. Do not try and do this yourself as you could be labeled a spammer. Billy Fire can:

  • Help you set up an account on Constant Contact.
  • Modify a template to your brand image
  • Add a sign-up box to your web site
  • Import your existng e-mail list

The modern equivalent of buying a fancier hat is upgrading your website or adding the trim: email marketing. Billy Fire looks forward to helping you.

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