Church business cards

Are you letting your customers know what work you do best and how you can make their business more successful? Effective marketing establishes and promotes your brand. Your web site and marketing materials should, powerfully, demonstrate why they should do business with you.

Marketing your Church 1

This article describes an inexpensive way of spreading the word about your church.

It is now possible to get full color, well printed business cards on quality stock for a very reasonable price. There is really no excuse for everyone in every business not to have a business card – or even several different business cards for different facets of their role.

Business cards serve several purposes:

  • Conveying information without having to search for a pen and a scrap of paper on which to write your new contact’s details.
  • Building your brand
  • Positioning your organization
  • Reminding someone of your name if you see them later
  • Including with correspondence

We tend to think of business cards as being for individual use within businesses or organizations, but why not create a card for your church? Of course you will probably already have individual cards for the senior pastor, the assistant pastor and the youth pastor, but why not create a generic card for the rest of the “flock”?

We created a card for Pomerado Christian Church (see below)that contains an image that portrays the family-friendly nature of the church and contains useful information about the church service times, phone numbers and address. On the reverse of the card we included a simple map of where the church is located.

Pomerado Christian Church business card

Pomerado Christian Church business card

The idea of the card is for everyone to take a few to have in their wallet or purse. If a situation arises to invite someone to the church, then the invitee has the church address, service times and a map of where to go.

You could also include information about Sunday School and child care provision, and anything else that might make it less intimidating for a newcomer to visit your place of worship.

So why not give a church business card a try? It won’t cost very much and it will really help members of your congregation to invite guests.