Marketing library

Are you letting your customers know what work you do best and how you can make their business more successful? Effective marketing establishes and promotes your brand. Your web site and marketing materials should, powerfully, demonstrate why they should do business with you.

Recommended marketing books

The following is a small reading selection for the serious marketer.

I studied under Professor Malcolm McDonald at the Cranfield School of management in the United Kingdom. He is probably the foremost authority on marketing planning. Philip Kotler is the greatest marketing thinker around. This book is packed with every conceivable piece of academic marketing information.
A highly enjoyable and interesting book from one of the masters of advertising. Another instructive and entertaining read from David Ogilvy.
A good introduction into the arcane world of search engine optimization (SEO). A though provoking and intelligent book that provides a depp insight into Web analytics. No Web site owner should be without this book.
A good idea to have at least one of the ‘guerilla marketing’ genre of books in your library, if only for thway in which it makes you think differently. Perhaps unfamiliar to the US market, Keith Waterhouse is a brialliant screen writer and newspaper columnist. This slim book tells you a great deal about writing English.
Andy Sernovitz describes Word of Mouth Marketing as C to C, or ‘consumer to consumer’ marketing. The book proceeds at a rapid pace with many ideas about how a company can embrace this type of Marketing. Paul Gillan’s ‘The New Influencers’ talks a lot about how companies are talking directly to their customers and prospects. It covers blogging and the demise of some other media. This book is an enjoyable read.


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