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The latest WordPress upgrade

I like to keep my WordPress blogs updated to the latest version. I have mentioned before how I use subversion and this has meant that upgrading several of my and my client’s blogs is (usually) a straightforward process.

That was until 2.8.2.

As I tried to do a subversion upgrade, I kept getting strange locking messages and the upgrade refused to work. Then I noticed a section in the subversion instructions entitled “Relocating from the old repository.” I followed the instructions and this enabled me to do the update.

If in doubt, read the instructions!

I updated the database and tried to view my blog. Instead I got an error message: “Permanent Link to WordPress 2.8 Error – Call to undefined method WordPress_Module::_weak_escape()” Fortunately there are some clever people out there. I had to disable the redirection plugin (that I had failed to keep updated) and things seemed fine…

I then received another error: “Parse Error: parse error, unexpected T_SL.” Apparently my template had got corrupted during the subversion process. Thanks to some other clever people I found an answer Basically I changed to another template temporarily and then copied a backup copy of the original template back to the server, which appears to work fine.