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Ikonoskop launches new camera

Ikonoskop is an innovative manufacturer of movie cameras based in my favorite city, Stockholm, Sweden. A few years ago they created a super 16mm film camera called the A-cam SP-16. The camera was designed to be inexpensive and light. It was able to achieve this by using 100ft spools of 16 mm film (rather than 200 ft or 400ft used by other professional 16mm cameras such as Arriflex or Aaton). They also used a non-reflex view finder arrangement. This means that there will be some parallax error when using longer lenses, but with wide angle lenses the error is minimal and has the advantage that the viewfinder is flicker free.

Ikonoskop have just announced a new digital camera the A-cam dII.

The camera records video in RAW format (i.e. uncompressed) on to a solid state 80 GB memory disk, also developed by Ikonoskop. The camera can use standard motion picture lenses and captures video at a high res 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution.

Ikonoskop is taking pre-orders and has set the price at €6,950 (just under $10,000 at today’s exchange rate).

It is fascinating to see the amount of innovation bringing top-notch professional cameras such as this one and the Red line of products) to the market at prices that film makers could previously only have dreamed about.