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Cinema proportion TV

I often wondered why all the new flat screen LCD and plasma screens were 16:9 ratio. This is a nice ratio but only the equivalent of cinema widescreen (1.85 to 1 in the USA and 1.66 to 1 in Europe).

I love the Panavision or Cinemascope ratio (2.35 to 1) because this is how we see (i.e. your peripheral vision goes to the right and the left NOT up and down, or at least mine doesn’t!) Many multiplex theaters are designed with widescreen as their optimum presentation format, rather than scope. The reason for this has got to be that it is cheaper to build upwards than sideways because land is expensive, but the viewing experience is not a patch on theater designed for scope.

I was delighted to see that Philips have launched the first 21:9 TV and it looks gorgeous. This link includes a wonderful presentation about the new TV. Not only does it have the same aspect ratio of the best movies of the last 60 years, but it also includes an innovative new technology called Ambilight, that creates a background coloration to the TV that aims to create a more immersive viewing expereince.

I’m not sure waht rice this is being sold at. I would guess a couple of thousand dollars. Hopefully other manufacturers will take th elead and the price of a 21:9 will fall dramatically just like the price of 16:9 flat screen TVs has.