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Canon HG-10 AVCHD Video Editing

Shedworx has just released a new version of their software that allows you to do a conversion into the WMV format as well as the AVI format. The added advantage for the Canon HG-10 is that the conversion keeps the video in the correct 16:9 format.

For this version to work Windows Media version 11 needs to be installed. I had an initial problem with this as I had version 9. As before, Shedworx were extremely efficient and worked out why I had an issue.

The following screen shot shows how simple the Shedworx interface is:

AVCHD video conversion screen grab

In this screen AVCHD files are added for conversion.

Select AVI or WMV conversion of AVCHD video

This options screen allows you to select the output format. In this case I have selected WMV.

Start to conversion of AVCHD video to WMV or AVI format

Pressing the green button starts the conversion from AVCHD to AVI or WMV (depending on which you selected). Simple!