About us

Billy Fire provides graphic design, Web design, Web hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing consulting services and TradeStation EasyLanguage programming services.

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Billy Fire provides graphic design, Web design, Web hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing consulting services and through markplex.com, TradeStation EasyLanguage programming services. We are based in Poway near San Diego in sunny southern California and serve a diverse portfolio of clients. Our broad skill set means that we can take on projects that require design for print, design for the Web, copywriting, SEO and marketing strategy. This means that our clients receive a high level of service at a very reasonable price that would be unobtainable if working with several creative companies. Our Web hosting offering includes site update time. This means that our clients can send us updates by e-mail which are quickly added to their sites.

The company is run by husband and wife team, Martyn and Sian Whittaker, who originate from the UK where they both studied at Cambridge University. Martyn also has an MBA from Cranfield University where he specialized in marketing. They aim to combine the best of American focus and drive with the creativity and open-mindedness which characterizes Europeans. Add to that mix the British sense of humor and, hopefully, you will discover that Billy Fire offers clients an enjoyable and go ahead working relationship.

Who is Billy Fire?

Billy Fire is not a mystery director. Rather the name was the spontaneous response of a three year old when asked what his stage name would be on becoming a star. The three year old is now grown up and will soon become an attorney for the US army. We have kept the name which symbolizes vision and inspiration as we offer both qualities to our clients.

Fire has struck the San Diego area twice in the last 4 years. In this part of the world we are aware of the destructive nature of fire. However, we are also aware that fire gets our attention, it brings warmth on a cold day and it can be put to work to destroy those things that are no longer relevant.

Billy Fire represents the positive aspects of fire. We will enhance your company’s marketing capabilities by drawing attention to what you represent. We offer the whole marketing mix, including web site design, e-mail marketing, marketing materials and logo design. Branding must draw the eye, the mind and present a consistent image that is memorable. If your company does not achieve this we will suggest some dismantling in order to construct a strong marketing message.

Sometimes the best strategy is to get rid of an old web site that poorly represents your company. Billy Fire builds attractive, state of the art web sites which have excellent functionality: like a new home built with the newest materials, after the fire.

Martyn and Siân have a commitment to integrity. They are both Christians and make a difference in their community, serving both adults and children.

We enjoy the opportunity to enhance companies’ marketing advantage by continuing a strong brand in the development of web site and marketing materials. Also we specialize in applying our marketing expertise in suggesting the best means of re-creating a company’s look or message when the old one is outdated or no longer appropriate. To ensure continuity Billy Fire works on every aspect of marketing to provide a strong visual and written message to encourage success. We are ready to become the marketing arm of your company. We provide all the benefits of relationship without the headache (and wallet ache) of medical insurance and worker’s comp

Martyn R Whittaker


I am an experienced marketing communications professional, having worked in a succession of marketing positions within the software industry. Much of this experience has been gained at director level or above within an international context.

I have a first rate education and an inquiring mind. I have a good balance of creative insight and analytical intelligence enabling me to be an excellent problem solver as well as undertake planning and budgeting effectively.

My current focus is on on-line marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), e-mail marketing, and Tradestation EasyLanguage programming.