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Canon HG-10 AVCHD Video Editing

Shedworx has just released a new version of their software that allows you to do a conversion into the WMV format as well as the AVI format. The added advantage for the Canon HG-10 is that the conversion keeps the video in the correct 16:9 format. For this version to work Windows Media version 11 needs to be installed. I …

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How I recovered some accidentally deleted files

I was just reading how Matt Cutts had had some issues with his backup server and it reminded me that someone may be interested in a couple of recent occurrences where my backups saved my bacon (well actually not quite that serious, but it would have required me to do a lot of extra work to get things back to …

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Pictures of Canon HG10

Images of Canon HG10 Camcorder The following are several images showing some of the main parts of the camera. Excuse the dust. The camera comes with several cables, notably a sound cable, a component out cable and a USB cable (not shown). The component out cable only transfers video data and hence needs to be used with the sound cable. …

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Canon HG10 HD video camcorder

I recently bought a Canon HG10 video camera to replace my old Canon ZR DV camera. The ZR is still going strong, but the firewire port on the camera is broken and hence I cannot transfer videos to the PC anymore. I am left with pile of mini DV tapes, many of which I forgot to label. I like the …

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Network Solutions puts names on hold

Before attempting to register a domain name at Network Solutions, read this article. Apparently, Network Solutions takes the domain name that you enter and puts it on hold. This means that once you have seen that the domain you want is available at Network Solutions, if you want the domain you have to pay their relatively high fees ($34.99 for …

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