Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2006’

DMOZ is a waste of (disk) space

You don’t need to read too many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advisories before you see recommendations to register your site on DMOZ. DMOZ is the ‘Open Directory Project’ and is now owned by Netscape. The way it works is, various people (about 74,000 according to the DMOZ Web site) work as volunteer editors. Anyone can submit a site to a …

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E-mail spam

E-mail spam is invariably very badly written, offering the same dubious products as a million spammers have done before. I know that the response rate is minimal, but obviously some people must avail themselves of the spammers’ offers. Who are these people? Some village must be missing them very badly.

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Superbowl ads

I though the SuperBowl ads were very disappointing. Some, like the Pepsi, were just plain lame – although I suppose I remember what they were for, which is more than could be said for some of the others. Overall my impression was that bunch of advertising folks had been given a pile of money and told to do something BIG. …

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