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Quickbooks 2006 to stop sending email after May 31, 2006

I think Quickbooks is a great program. I use Quickbooks 2006 and I have resisted upgrading to a later version because it does all I need, fairly well.

One of the features I do not like is the email invoice function. Instead of being able to send an emailed invoice directly, you have to send it via a Quickbooks server. But there is no real need for it. If you connect to the Internet using an ISP then invoice emails could be sent in exactly the same way as any other email.

The real reason for this feature, of course, is that at some point Quickbooks will cease to support it and strong-arm all their loyal users to buy a new version of the software they don’t need. This is a fact of life/commercial reality, but why do Quickbooks have to come up with nonsense that I saw when I sent an emailed invoice today.

A message appeared that said something to the effect that the great, magnanimous Intuit (Quickbook’s publisher) needed to make the change to best support the maximum number of users on their new version.

Come on guys, you could have come up with a better excuse than that, or maybe, you could have been honest.

  1. Joel

    So I contacted support via their Chat application to ask about upgrading to 2009. I was told that the 2009 version will not allow me to send invoices from QB, so I’d be paying $200 to have less features. I wish there was a way to link my mail client to QB 2006, so when I hit mail invoice it would fire up Thunderbird and send the PDF.

    My QB stopped sending invoices yesterday, 6 days early. So I spent last night setting up a new process for sending out invoices and price quotes. Thanks Intuit, how robust is Freshbooks?

    • martyn.whittaker

      I think they may have misspoke. I installed Pro 2009 version and I am able to send invoices.

  2. Ray

    Does anyone know if this is an incompatibility because they changed the way they handle emailing the .pdf files or just a ploy to have users upgrade? My current workaround is printing it to my adobe converter and then emailing the file as an attachment.

  3. martyn.whittaker

    I think it is just a crude, but effective way of getting people to upgrade. There is no good technical reason. Intuit could easily have provided a way for you to enter an outgoing SMTP server so you could send emailed invoices directly from your PC. Also, in the 2006 version there was an occasional problem that meant that when one tried to send invoices it would sometimes hang while trying to contact a, presumably, unobtainable IP address. . The only way I found of clearing this was to close Quickbooks, reopen and send again. I was disappointed that this ‘feature’ has been carried over to the 2009 edition.

  4. Perry

    Easy work around to send invoices. Simply open up the invoice and select ‘Save as PDF’ from the File Menu and attach saved file to your personal email.

  5. Tom

    This is an old thread which I found because QB is doing the same thing–discontinuing my ability to email invoices because it’s too expensive to support such a thing if a version is over three years old (I have Premier 2008). So, as usual, QB only has 4 improvements for 2011 over 2010 (and I haven’t needed any improvements at all since the 2006 edition).

    Yet I’m being strong-armed into dropping $400 for an “upgrade” just so I can use email. And here’s the rub: They don’t have to discontinue email at all! There’s nothing there technologically that costs them anything extra for support, and it costs them nothing extra to leave the older versions capable.

    I hate being lied to. HATE it!